Exam and X-rays

Why keep up with your dental check-ups ?

Regular dental check-ups are for preventive care and crucial for early detection of any issues such as gingivitis, gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer. Dr. Bacopoulou can check for problems you may not feel or see yet. Our hygienists will screen and collect information for the doctor’s exam, like measure gums, records bleeding points, note areas of concern and gather health history but  only Dr. Bacopoulou, the dentist,  can diagnose a dental problem and formulate a treatment plan.


Why are dental x-rays taken during routine check-ups?


Dental x-rays a recommended at least once a year to monitor bone loss, which is often associated with gum disease. It is beneficial to the patient, as there are difficult areas to spot decay, like in between your teeth or to detect early signs of root damage and infection. 

There are many different types of dental x-rays, as a new patient to our practice, we recommended a full mouth x-ray, this will help Dr. Bacopoulou evaluate all your teeth.  As an established patient, we recommended x-rays once a year, a combination of bitewings and periapical x-rays to monitor the health of your bones and difficult to detect decay.