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Spooky Smile

Spooky Smile It’s Halloween time again and are you ready?  Is your smile scary and spooky?  Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a     cosmetic dentistry makeover.  WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? BLEACHING is a simple smile enhancement procedure.  This is quite affordable and extremely effective if done professionally. DENTAL BONDING is also an excellent cost-effective […]

Grind Your Teeth? Its Effect on Cosmetic Dentistry

Destruction associated with Bruxism      The grinding of one’s teeth is called bruxism and happens as we sleep.  You might have symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches, or no symptoms at all.   This patient had no pain but was unhappy with how his teeth looked.  He was convinced he never ground his teeth.  Well, […]


Before Smile Makeover A longtime patient asked if there was anything that could be done for her “crooked teeth”.    “My parents could never afford braces for me when I was a kid.”  She’s been wanting to have something done for the past 20 years and finally got the courage to ask. A complete examination was […]