Meet Dr. Diego Herrera

Dentistry is immensely rewarding. Not only do I get to help people maintain and improve their quality of life, but I also get to form life-long relationships and trust with the members of our community. I love providing an enjoyable experience in a relaxed and cozy environment and changing the perception of how pleasant dentistry can be.

As a boy growing up in Astoria Queens Dr. Herrera spent every day after school in his mother’s dental practice. It is there where Dr. Herrera first witnessed how rewarding dentistry could be. As he got older, it was a shock to hear that people didn’t like going to the dentist because as far as he knew everyone loved the dentist. Learning this strengthened Dr. Herrera’s resolve to become a dentist and provide the patients in his future community with the exceptional dental care they deserve. Dr. Herrera quickly realized that in order to provide his patients with the highest level of service as well as have the freedom to invest/implement the latest technologies and techniques dentistry has to offer, he would have to find a very special practice and he has done just that.