Mini Implants

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Snap-in Denture with Implants

   Mini Implants are a newer advancement Dr. Carpenter offers to provide denture stability to patients who have no or very few teeth remaining.

   Dentures no longer have  to be loose, ill-fitting and difficult to eat with. 

   A patient’s existing, new denture or partial denture can be fitted with mini implants so they snap into place!

   The pictures below show a patient with four mini implants in the lower jaw.  This procedure was done in one hour and look how healthy the gums are. 


What are Mini Implants?

Full Denture

Mini Implants are small titanium screws that are inserted into the remaining jaw bone.  They are particularly helpful for patients who lack sufficient bone for standard size implants.  They are less costly than full-size implants and do not require the months of healing time.  However, just like full-size implants, they help preserve the bone that dentures can wear away.  Dentures or partial dentures are attached to the mini-implants with metal housings and O-rings.  Newer advances allow the use of Zest Locator Attachments. 

How Many Mini Implants are needed to Support a Denture?

The protocol requires four to six implants to secure a denture and less to secure a partial denture.   

Mini Implant Procedure

The procedure is much easier and less traumatic to a person than having their teeth removed.  Mini implants can usually be placed in under an hour at our office under local anesthetic.  Sedation is available for more anxious patients.  The surgery has very little post-operative discomfort and you will be on antibiotics for one week.  The only complaint we receive from patients is they wish they had done it sooner!