Implant Smile Gallery – All treatment performed by Dr. John Carpenter

Implant Crowns

This case shows the advantages of Implant Crowns vs. a long span fixed bridge. Individual Implant Crowns have a much greater long-term survival rate.


3 Implant Crowns that blend perfectly with the natural detention.

Fixed bridge on implants and elimination of removable denture



Bar Overdenture (maxilla)

4 Implants have been placed and a bar constructed. This is a common procedure performed in our office. The denture has an open palatal design and allows for greater stability and chewing.




Implant Crowns

This patient was able to have Implant Crowns to replace her missing teeth. A removable partial denture was avoided.


This patient had 3 missing teeth.  Implants, abutments and crowns were placed.



Implant Retained Lower Denture with 4 Implants

James’ makeover consisted of removing all his failing teeth and the insertion of dentures.  To improve the stability and retention of the always-difficult lower denture, 4 implants were placed.  “I wish I had done this sooner!”


Constructing an Implant-Assisted Removable Partial

Jeff’s posterior teeth were failing; but his anterior teeth could be saved.  His treatment consisted of removing his posterior teeth and adding 3 implants.  Then an upper partial denture was constructed that snapped onto the implants.  No metal clasps that would show were required.  A nice, esthetic, affordable and stable result was achieved.


Mini-implants can be used as a more affordable technique to secure a denture. The implants and attachments are placed the same day.


All on 4   Fixed Teeth

Patient requested a fixed solution for his terminal dentition.