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New Windsor Dentist Sedates Anxious Patients

Many patients tell me they had a traumatic dental experience as a child, the dentist had trouble getting them numb or they easily gag. You are not alone.  Dr. Carpenter’s office has been offering conscious sedation for the past 15 years to help you. Conscious sedation utilizes oral medications and nitrous oxide.  It is completely […]

Sedation Dentistry, a Bad Case of Gum Disease and a Happy Family

A 42 year old male patient, let’s call him “Bob”, presented to the office last month.  Bob’s main complaint was he was afraid to kiss his wife because of his bad breath.  “Our sex life is suffering because of it and my kids have been avoiding me.” After spending time getting to know Bob, he […]

Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation and Dentistry Oral conscious sedation has been an extremely positive experience for many of our patients.  I would like to share a recent example. A middle-aged woman “Kathy” (fictitious name) presented to our office with a dental history of poor experiences.  Her care was mostly just emergency-based and “nothing” was ever “finished”.  Her […]

8 Ways Sedation Dentistry Can Help You

Conscious Sedation is a safe and common technique to quell patients’ fears.  The night before your dental appointment, a pill is taken to help you relax and sleep.  One hour before your dental appointment, a second pill is taken.  Additional medication will be provided at the office to create the ultimate in relaxation.  Often nitrous […]