Sedation Dentistry



Dentists use sedation to help relax our patients and reduce fear and pain.  Sedation can easily be administered orally or through inhalation.

What Types of Medication are Used?

The most common is nitrous oxide (a gas which is delivered through a nose piece).  This is actually a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.  The percentage is titrated until the patient feels relaxed.  (“Like you had a few cocktails”).  Patients are awake and respond to verbal commands.  When the visit is completed, the oxygen portion of the mixture is turned up and the Nitrous turned off.  Within 2 minutes, you are back to normal and will be able to drive home.

The second most commonly used sedation method is Oral Sedation.  One hour before you arrive for treatment, you will take a small pill.   This will begin the relaxing process.  Upon arrival, an assessment will be made and additional oral medication and Nitrous Oxide may be provided.  A designated driver is necessary when having Oral Sedation.  Upon completion of your dental care (which you often will not remember), you will be tired and need to rest for the remainder of the day.

Benefits Include:

  • Limited memory of the procedures
  • No fear
  • Hours seem like minutes
  • Multiple treatment completed in one visit
  • Decreased gag reflex
  • Regaining dental health
  • The fabulous smile you always wanted!