Cost of dental implants

There are two major costs of dental implant treatment.  The first is the implant itself and the second is the restoration (tooth or teeth).  If your dentist is going to replace a missing tooth utilizing a dental implant, they will usually refer you to an oral surgeon or a periodontist to have the implant placed.  The placement of the implant is one fee and you return to your dentist to have the restoration, which is a second fee.   True dental implantologists, who provide both parts of the process to our patients, can charge much less for the same procedure.

Does insurance cover implants?  This depends on your insurance plan.  Some will pay for dental implants and others will not.  Sometimes they will not pay for the implant placement but pay for the crown or bridge restoration that is attached.

While dental implants may be costly, they are often the most reliable and economic long-term solution.  The single tooth replacement fee is approximately $3,000.  For complicated cases, several solutions often exist with different costs, advantages and disadvantages.  Each situation is unique and requires careful evaluation and discussion.  After this evaluation, different options and their associated fees need to be discussed.  We do our best to give a fixed, all-inclusive fee.

Implant Costs, Implant FeesAre payment plans available to help pay for dental implants?  YES!  Our office provides assistance to make implant procedures more affordable and fit most budgets.  We work with CARE CREDIT which offers NO INTEREST financing options if paid within 12 months.

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